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Why Techicorner?

This site is platform to helping people to learn the skills of programing and latest tech news, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.

I started Techicorner in 2015 mainly because I wanted to keep a record of what I was learning about programing for skills development and because I wanted to connect with other programmer for learning more skill from their experince. Since then I’ve added well articles, tips, tutorials and case studies to my archives here. You can read these articles and share their reviews and likes on articles .

Since then I’ve also launched Techicorner.com – a private community of programmer who come together to collaborate, learn and grow their skills in a walled forum area.


If you would like more information on Techicorner please get in touch through my contact page.

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Please stay in touch with what Techicorner.com is up to through one of our subscription methods. Also feel free to connect with me on Facebook if you’re active on Facebook network.

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Loves: " The Technology", Learning new stuff not necessarily tech related, acquires self proclaimed "Good sense of humor". Apart from Coding I do like Reading,Sketching observing other people, exploring whatever i come across and Going Places. More About Me