How to create social share buttons with custom icons

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Over the year, we all know social media has emerged as a platforms where we can promote and advertise and reach out to the world easily. So say you own a blog/website and you want to use social share buttons to link all your social network, what you do? Most probably use a plugin if you own a wordpress blog or some other CMS or blogging platform where you can easily get some plugin or extension to create social share buttons. But what it will do in most of the cases is take out the liberty from you to add you custom share button icons and you’ll get stuck to the icon set provided to you by extension/plugin provider. So to avoid a use of plugin or extensions can really help you in this particular case.


Here is some common social media links which are often used. We can use these links with our custom icons which will give us satisfaction of having icons that we like and provide same functionality of share posts on social  media and similar that you’ll find in a plugin/extension.

Twitter :

Digg :

Facebook :

StumbleUpon :

Delicious :

Linkedin :

Slashdot :

Technorati :

Tumblr :

Reddit :


Google Bookmarks :

Newsvine : :

Evernote :

Google+ :


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