How to enable Search Engine Friendly Urls in Joomla and remove index.php? from url

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SEF Search Engine Friendly URLs is a url structure that is in human readable form and can be easily describe the information it holds just by reading the url.

By default all the pages in that you’ll create in joomla they will have kind of absurd values in url for eg:



2 A  SEF URL with mod_rewrite =  OFF; :


3 A SEF URLs and mod_rewrite ON :

The difference between number 2 and 3 if you haven’t noticed is one has /index.php in url and other one does not have it.

So lets move on to how to get it done. Just Follow the simple steps mentioned below.


 Login to your Joomla admin panel and Enable Joomla’s SEO functionality from Site -> Global configuration and turn on



  1. Search Engine Friendly URLs

    This Enables the option to have SEF urls

  2. Use URL Rewriting

    This Enables the option to have SEF urls according to rules mentioned in your .htaccess file.


STEP 2 : Login to your cpanel or ftp and rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess if it is there.


STEP 3: ENSURE that you Un-comment  # RewriteBase /  (To Un-comment Just simply remove # from the from of # RewriteBase / so it looks like just  RewriteBase /)

Remember just rename htaccess.txt to .htaccess isn’t going to achieve anything.

If for some reasons the file above does not work Just uncomment the line # RewriteBase / by removing # from the beginning.


 At this point of time your Non SEF urls should be accessible with SEF urls. But make sure to redirect your Non SEF urls to SEF urls.

There are many extensions out there to do it. The one worked for is NSTS click here to visit. Make sure to Enable it after installing.

In case you are working on a windows server you’ll have web.config file in place of .htaccess. following web.config


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